Telos: the Destination for Nazarene Higher Education

Cover Page - Telos: the Destination for Nazarene Higher Education

Mary Jones, Ph.D., Reviewer
Linda Alexander, Ph.D., Contributor (Essay entitled "The Lasting Impact of Nazarene Educators")

"A collection of essays that attempts to articulate the common “center pole” around which Nazarene higher educators stand and the theological and pedagogical commitments that draw them together. An end product of the Pole Project, the volume is a values document for Nazarene educational institutions and was produced and reviewed by 51 faculty at 16 institutions from six countries. The title, Telos, comes from the Greek term used in the New Testament to address the perfect end, or destination, for which Christians are designed. We achieve this when we are perfectly aimed by God. Each contribution in the collection discusses where Nazarene higher education is headed and seeks to explain why the end goal of Nazarene education is unique. The volume is organized into three sections. The first provides theological and epistemological foundations. The second illustrates how those commitments are applied to particular academic disciplines. Finally, four Nazarene educators from various parts of the world balance these North American views with cultural commentary."


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