Worship and Liturgy

The Inner Way 

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
John Tauler

Thirty-six sermons for festivals by John Tauler, Friar-Preacher of Strausburg.

A new translation from the German, edited with an introduction by Arthur Wollaston Hutton, M.A., Rector is Easthope, Salop.

The Mediator - Volume VII, Issue 1 October 2009

The Mediator resumes publication with this issue after a lengthy hiatus. This has been a time of change and growth for Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. It is our privilege to present the inaugural address of Floyd T. Cunningham as the fifth President of APNTS. It is a challenging address that gives a view of the tremendous opportunities for ministry in our region of the world and beyond. In Cunningham’s inaugural, “Building New Bridges”, we are reminded that as followers of Christ and as Christian educators in a theological seminary, “we must not crawl into our own little enclave, educate the elite, refuse contact with outsiders, maintain personal piety and doctrinal integrity, and totally miss the mission of God.” Let this address challenge you afresh in your own areas of ministry!You will enjoy articles by one of our long-time faculty members: Professor Beverly Gruver. Professor Gruver draws our attention to the core concepts of faith and holiness. She reminds us of John Wesley’s own admonition that the “transforming work of God is not to be accomplished in ‘careless indifference nor indolent inactivity,’ but rather in a rigorous discipline that would include keeping of the commandments, denying oneself and taking up one’s cross, and in earnest prayer and fasting.” Former faculty member and now consulting editor for The Mediator, Dr. David Ackerman gives us “No Room in the Inn: A Glimpse at Early Christian Hospitality Through Lukan Redaction.” It is a timely reminder of the powerful role of hospitality in the Christian community.  Long-time adjunct faculty member, Charles Seifert, presents “The Master Musician.” All who have known “Dr. Charles” have been blessed by the flow of inspiring music from a life moved by the touch of the Master Himself. He reminds us that “as instruments of love, peace and compassion we emulate the virtues of Christ Jesus and are like divine music filling ‘the inner ear’ with a spiritual symphony of love for God and one’s neighbor. 6New faculty member, Dr. Darin Land, New Testament scholar, is introduced to our readership in this issue with his article, “Incarnational Interpretation: Hearing the Word of God in the New Testament.” Dr. Land reminds us that, “The church, then, rightly states that the New Testament is God’s Word. It is not merely the Word about God.” He makes the point that scripture and faith are intertwined: “Incarnational interpretation rightly begins with faith; it also ends with it. Since the believing exegete receives the text as God’s Word, he or she does not stop working until God’s message for today has been explored.”


Worship and Sacraments: The Rhythm of the Church in Communion and Mission

This workshop will explore how communal worship and the sacraments form and shape the church as the Body of Christ in communion sent out for mission. This workshop will also explore the theology and practice of the sacraments, providing liturgical and practical resources for local churches.

Birth Of a Hymn

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Keith Schwanz

The Impact of Ecclesiology on Chaplain Participation in the Garrison Chapel Program

A project how ecclesiology affects a chaplain's decision whether or not to participate in the garrison chapel program.


Education in Liturgy for Christian Formation at Scottsdale First Church of the Nazarene

A project describing a congregation's education in liturgy and worship and its effect on spiritual formation.


Symphonies of Praise

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Floyd William Nease


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