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The Mediator - Volume XIII, Issue 2 May 2018

2018 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Like many heirs of the Reformation, APNTS celebrated the occasion with thanksgiving and festivities. One of those festivities is represented in the current issue of The Mediator. The first article herein, authored by Dr. Jason Valeriano Hallig, was presented as the keynote address of the APNTS Reformation event,“Celebrating the 500 Years of Reformation.” Dr. Dick O. Eugenio offered a formal response to Hallig’s paper, likewise included herein.


The Mediator - Volume XI, Issue 1 April 2015

The essays in this issue began their existence as speeches to be heard, not as words on a page to be seen.They are the induction speeches of five APNTSfaculty members on the occasionsof their installation as professors (for Modine, Petallar, Tabuena, and myself) and as president (Im).Modine “talks” about the theology of Scripture, I “share” about inno-vation in the New Testament, Petallar “discusses” the Wesleyan Quadrilateral as pertains to Holistic Child Development, Tabuena “converses” about inter-subjectivity in life and education, and Im “tells” his vision for the future of APNTS.


The Mediator - Volume XII, Issue 1 April 2017

The articles in this issue of The Mediatorare the outcome of a conference on postmodernity held at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary on March 5, 2016. The first of these articles formed the cornerstone for the conference, as Dr. Phillip E. Davis presented some of the fruit of his doctoral investigations into the work of Jean-François Lyotard and Lieven Boeve. To his great credit, Davis was able to present the complexities of postmodern philosophy and theology, repackaged in a way that was both accessible to a general audience while simultaneously faithful to the origi-nal work.


The Mediator - Volume XIII, Issue 1 December 2017

The Mediator’s present issue features the installation speeches of five APNTS faculty members (Dick O. Eugenio, Phillip E. Davis, Daniel Behr, Rebecca Da-vis, and Lynn D. Shmidt) and the inauguration address of APNTS’s seventh president, Dr. Bruce E. Oldham.Naturally, the six inducteesrepresent six different academic disciplines.One would expect, therefore, that the articles in the present issue would exhib-it a pronounced lack of cohesion.


ET-302: Christian Theology 2

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Nazarene Theological Institute (Africa Region)


Christian Theology 2 is part of the approved course of study leading to ordination in the Church of the Nazarene, Africa region. For further information on the various certificates or the diploma in theology, please consult the NTI Program Handbook.

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