Music Education

Selective Hearing – Ear Training in Academia

When people train, they work to get better at something in order to achieve a goal within
a specific system. Within the academic world, listening is taught through means of an ear
“training” class. Ear training class does not necessarily mean that students will be listening,
but rather students will be training to hear correctly within a system. In these classes across
universities, students learn to identify several things within tonal and even non-tonal

The Need for Technically Accessible Chamber Winds Music and A Conductor's Guide to Winter Ricercar by Kevin Walczyk

Chamber music for wind ensemble of significant musical quality, of an appropriate ability level, and of flexible instrumentation is needed to support music education in high school and college seettings. Such music provides important benefits for students and instructors. Such music is in short supply, and a consortium of colleges and universities has been formed to commission new works that meet the aforementioned criteria.

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