Chaos, Challenge, and Cooperation: An Inquiry into Post-War Ethnic German Migration and Resettlement in Canada

An Inquiry into Post-War Ethnic German Migration and Resettlement in Canada. Post-Second World War ethnic German migration to Canada is a history marked by hardships, challenges, and a seemingly endless number of hurdles that people faced in the Old World, in transit, and upon arrival to Canada. Having been displaced by the war, many ethnic Germans made their way to Canada for a chance at a fresh start, far away from the devastation and suffering in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe.


How the Dead Kept Living: Mental Illness from the Battlefield to the Homefront in the American Civil War

This presentation and paper explored, through primary and secondary sources, the psychological effects of the trauma of the American Civil War, along with the identity shifts that occurred for both men and women as a result of their experiences during and after the war. 

Presented at the Student Research Symposium, Trevecca Nazarene University, April 23, 2018.


Adelicia Acklen: A Case Study in Modern Womanhood

This web site was created as the class project for the 2016 FLARE (Faculty-Led Academic Research Experience) course "Living History: A Foray into Archival Research and Digital Public History."

Web site:  http://adelicia.omeka.net


Aristotle’s Journey to Europe: A Synthetic History of the Role Played by the Islamic Empire in the Transmission of Western Educational Philosophy Sources from the Fall of Rome through the Medieval Period

After the fall of Rome, how did the work and words of the ancient Greek philosophers make their way, textually and intellectually, into later European thought? There were two primary and obvious paths that this Greek literature could have taken to reach medieval Europe after the splitof the Roman Empire into east and west sectors, but these two potential paths functionally became, instead, dual roadblocks to its transmission.



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