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Paul R. Nesmith

Theses in Business


This collection consists of theses for the Master of Business Administration at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Belize and Taiwan: A Curious Friendship

Presented at the Faculty Research Symposium, November 13, 2017


Beyond the Failure of Coastal Cottage: Action Learning Project

This action learning project analyzes the two and a half year lifespan of a small gift shop located in an upscale shopping and tourist district near San Diego, Ca. The study details why Coastal Cottage failed, what was learned from the years in business and what the research teaches. Sections include a history of the organization, environmental analysis, a literature review, project assessment, future actions, and reflections and conclusions.


Servant First: Perceived Characteristics of Servant Leadership Within the Sports for Exceptional Athletes Organization

This present study used survey data from 12 leaders volunteering for the Sports for Exceptional Athletes Non-Profit Organization, located in San Diego, CA. This study was performed in an effort to assess which of Greenleaf’s ten key characteristics of Servant Leadership are both important to leaders within the organization and prevalent among leaders within the organization. Participants of the survey varied in age, gender and type of sport they were involved in within the organization.


Exploring the Venture of a Food Truck: Determining the Process and Viability of Opening a Mobile Restaurant

This study explores a mobile restaurant venture. A proposal for a SD Soup Truck by the SD Soup Shoppe is presented after a background on the original restaurant is provided, along with an in-depth environmental analysis of the conditions the SD Soup Shoppe could enter into for the food truck venture. Action research methodology is used.


BGlobal Experience: Business as Mission in China

PowerPoint presentation, MNU Week of Scholarship, Celebration of Student Research and Creativity, April 6, 2017.

Designing Ethical Workplaces: The Moldable Model

Faculty Poster, Week of Scholarship, presented during Faculty Poster Session, April 5, 2017.


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