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Aristotle’s Journey to Europe: A Synthetic History of the Role Played by the Islamic Empire in the Transmission of Western Educational Philosophy Sources from the Fall of Rome through the Medieval Period

After the fall of Rome, how did the work and words of the ancient Greek philosophers make their way, textually and intellectually, into later European thought? There were two primary and obvious paths that this Greek literature could have taken to reach medieval Europe after the splitof the Roman Empire into east and west sectors, but these two potential paths functionally became, instead, dual roadblocks to its transmission.


Elusive Perfection

This paper, Elusive Perfection, was written to fulfill an assignment in Dr. Tyler Blake’s Composition II class, MidAmerica Nazarene University. Outlining her writing history, Sarah Wacker focuses on her journey as a writer battling with the desire for perfection.


Parson of Cow Creek

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Horace G. Cowan

"This is one of the few books of Christian fiction that weaves into the framework of a captivating plot the experience of full salvation. You will thrill with the faith, hope, and charity required of Cornelius and Martha Cadwallader in the many problems they face as they accept the pastorate on Cow Creek near Big Bend, Montana, in the days of the rugged frontier. The way the Lord uses Leonard Burroughs to lead "the parson of Cow Creek" into the experience of heart holiness will bring tears to your eyes, but leave a song in your heart.


Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Jarrette Aycock

This book is a collection of poems around the theme of the role of motherhood. Poems included are: "A Tribute to Mother," "A Mother's Influence," "I Want to See My Boy," "Prisoner's Song," "Somebody Prays," "My Mother's Influence," "Tell Your Mother How Much You Love Her," "Mother Believes in You," "Mothers Build Morale," "Good-bye Son," "No Mother," "The Love of a Mother," "When Mother Prayed," "A Singing Mother," "A Hungry Heart," "Mother's Old Songs," "A Mother's Faith," "A Mother Holds On," "Preaching Before Mother," and "Mother Is Gone."

The Unique Galilean

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Russell V. DeLong

A gospel message delivered on the Columbia Broadcasting System, Church of the Air Program, July 30, 1950.


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