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Bethany Nazarene College Band in Concert 1960s

This record album was recorded by the Bethany Nazarene College Band in the 1960s under the direction of Reuben Rodeaver.  This 7" record features eight songs, and does not have an album cover.

From the record label:

Side 1:

1. Symphonic Suite for Concert Band (Williams)




Side 2:

1.  The Foundation March (Goldman)

2.  The Pink Panther (Mancini)

Bethany Nazarene College A Cappella Choir 1955-1956

From the back of the album cover:

Side 1: 

1. I Love Thy Kingdom Lord : Hymn Tune "St. Thomas" Arranged by Noble Cain

2. I Have Lifted Up My Spirit : Aiblinger (1779-1867) Set to English words by John Forest 

3. Come Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain : Noble Cain

4. Holy Lord God : Noble Cain

Side 2:

5. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley : Arranged by Ivan Trusler, Jr.

6. Oh What A Day : George Schuler 

7. The Crystal Fountain : Floyd Hawkins, Arranged by Lester L. Dunn

In Times Like These - Bethany Nazarene College Homecoming Concert 1967

This record was recorded on 24 November 1967 during the Bethany Nazarene College Homecoming. It features the BNC Concert Band, Directed by Reuben Rodeheaver; Plainsmen Chorus, Directed by James Main; Treble-Aires Choir, Directed by Melvin Unruh; and the A Cappella Choir, Directed by Ray H. Moore. 

From the record label:

Side 1:

1. America the Beautiful - Concert Band

2. In Times Like These - Laymen's Quartet: Raleigh Isaacs, Don Beaver, Geron Brown, Lloyd Sanders

3.  The Lord is My Light - Plainsmen Choir

4.  Eternal Life - Plainsmen Choir

Bethany Nazarene College Quartet 1963

This recording is of the 1963 Bethany Nazarene College Collegiate Quartet, members unknown.   The recordings come from a 1963 audio tape reel, and were transferred from the master 1/4" magnetic audio tape.


*These recordings were transferred from the master 1/4" magnetic audio tape

Bethany Nazarene College Jazz Band Just the Beginning...

From the liner notes:      
     Bethany Nazarene College is a Christ-centered institution located in Bethany, Oklahoma-just west of Oklahoma City It is affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Bethany Nazarene College is a fully accredited four year liberal arts college offering majors in twenty-six fields.

Bethany Nazarene College 50th Anniversary 1909-1959

Notes from the Album Cover:

Bethany Nazarene College, as it is known at the present time, developed through the merging of six educational institutions with the college located at Bethany. This year we are celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the school located at Bethany, Oklahoma.


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