Preacher's Magazine, Volume 1 Number 7, July 1926

J.B. Chapman, Editor

"Teaching Value of the Books of the Bible" / Alva W. Eastman

"Traits which Make Bud Robinson Great" / J.W. Montgomery

"Could Not Preach a Missionary Sermon!" / A.W. Orwig

"Hints to Fisherman" / C.E. Cornell

"A Digest of Dr. Johnston's 'Ideal Ministry'" / Peter Wiseman

"The Minister and Bible Study: The Minister and His Greek Testament" / Basil W. Miller

"Three Constituents" / A.E. Sanner

"The Preacher and His Health: The Heart" / C.E. Hardy

"Preacher Problems: The Problem of Sermon Making" / C.B. Widmeyer

"Church Publicity" / M. Lunn

"Here and There Among Books" / P.H. Lunn

"Facts and Figures" / E.J. Fleming

"A Code of Ethics" / Laurence Howe

"The Ideal Preacher's Wife" / J.B. Connett

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