Preacher's Magazine, Volume 1 Number 5, May 1926

J.B. Chapman, Editor

"The Tongues Movement in History (continued)" / H. Orton Wiley

"Immortality" / Lester Richardson

"The First Sabbath Day of the Year 2 of the Exodus" / H.G. Cowan

"The Backslidden Preacher" / C.E. Cornell

"The Preacher We Want" / E.M. Cornelius

"Letters to Preachers: V. Sermons by the Wayside" / A.M. Hills

"The Importance of Systematic Study" / W.B. Walker

"Preaching for the Glory of God" / A.W. Orwig

"Windows to Let in Light" / Stephen S. White

"Hints to Fishermen" / C.E. Cornell

"The Minister and Bible Study" / Basil W. Miller

"Three Qualities" / A.E. Sanner

"Preacher Problems: The Preacher and his Books" / C.B. Widmeyer

"What the Pastor Expects of the Evangelist" / Alfred Christensen

"The Pastor's Super-Six" / N.B. Herrell

"Some Books I Have Read" / H.G. Cowan

"Church Publicity" / M. Lunn

"Here and There Among Books" / P.H. Lunn

"Facts and Figures" / E.J. Fleming

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